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Hungry on the Crystal Coast?

Sometimes you’ve just got to get out of the RV and find somewhere to eat! Here are some of our area’s most popular restaurants, with price ranges, atmosphere, and reviews. Bon appetite!


If you are in the Swansboro area…


Icehouse Waterfront (103 Moore Street) – All about the atmosphere, this place is perfect for a right-on-the-water meal. Prices are in the mid- to -high range (Around $9 for lunch, $15-20 for an entrées at dinner). Check out the menu at This place is popular, so we would recommend making reservations or calling ahead: 910-325-0501.


Riverside Steak and Seafood (506 W. Corbett Avenue) – If you care less about scenery and more about the food, Riverside Steak and Seafood is your perfect choice. It’s been said to have ‘the best meal every time’. In the higher range, prices for most entrées exceed $20, and this one is only open for dinner. Call for reservations: 910-326-8847.


Ducks (99 Church Street) – Another Swansboro favorite, check out the Trip Advisor here Duck_s_Bar_and_Grill- Swansboro_North_Carolina.html. Ducks offers mid-range steak and seafood. Reservations suggested during tourist season: 910-326-7300.


Yana’s (119 Front St.) – An institution in Swansboro, Yana is the perfect choice for a more casual meal (breakfast and lunch only). The menu is available here No reservations needed.


If you are in Emerald Isle…


Rucker John’s (8700 Emerald Drive) – A local favorite, perfect for a casual (and fun!) meal.Rucker John’s is best known for its burgers and pizzas menu%20list.html. This place fills up, so call ahead: 252-354-2413.


Flipperz Family Bar and Grill (311 Mangrove Drive) – Mid-priced, family-friendly seafood in a casual atmosphere. Reservations suggested: 252-354-7775


Ballyhoo’s (140 Fairview Drive) – Another casual seafood choice is Ballyhoo’s (breakfast and lunch only). Seafood and breakfast always available.


ChowdaHeads (7801 Emerald Drive) – a local favorite (great for takeout!). Call to order: 252-354-3700.


Have other favorites? Leave them in the comments!

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